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SNSD: “Tell Me Your Wish” Cover by AsianCovers


its not an English Cover but still good ❤


SNSD,2ne1,FT Island,4minute: Inkigayo 7/19

Snsd won ❤


FT Island Comeback (:


SNSD: Yoona & Kim So Eun- Clean & Clear w/Subs 7/8


its so short, but oh so pretty! honestly, i think these girls are like some of the prettiest people ever! haha. Esp, SoEun, she’s drop dead gorgeous (:

SNSD: Making of “Tell Me Your Wish” w/ Subs 7/6

internet’s up and running again ❤

first of all, the girls look friggin’ amazing!!! Esp Seohyun! i used to think she wasnt all that pretty, but boy was i wrong. haha. i love it when Soo was talking about the clothes and used Yoona as a model~Yoona’s expression was totally like “You know you want me”. And do i know who realllllly wants her (and the other eight girls too), haha, you probably figured: The Camera Man! i bet he was  sooo nervous, and probably fainted after 3:08. haha. Get it, Sunny!! i hope the camera man was cute, or else all the hand grabbing would be just-awkward.

SNSD: Hello Baby Part1 ep1 on KBS w/Subs 6/23

im sooo gonna love this show!

i havent watched it yet, but i bet it’s a million times funny (: ’cause “for now, its Girls’ Generation” haha.

SNSD & Boys Generation: “Gee”

cool, huh?

omg, it sounds so good!!! my favorite ‘duet’ was the girly Yoona and the manly Taec, haha, so cute~ but Jay was totally amazing no matter what!!! but the rap totally was the best part ❤

SNSD: “Tell Me Your Wish” Music Core 7/4

happy fourth of july, americans (:

new outfits!! i think the girls sound really good in this one ❤ and when i said i wanted ‘change’ for Yuri’s hair, i didnt mean length wise!!! i really dont like it… and a lot of people dont like Jess’ hair, but i do~ oh, well!

Wonder Girls, Saranghae



Min SunYe- Ahn SoHee- Kim Jonghyun- Choi Sooyoung- Jang Wooyoung- Lee Seunghyun- Park Jaebum- Kim Bum- Yoon Eunhye-


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