My first page will be about the amazing girls who go me into kpop: Wonder Girls!


I got a video in an email from a friend. It was about some asians dancing cheesy dances and with one dressed like wonder woman (tell me). It gave me a chuckled and i deleted it.  Few days later, I was bored and on youtube, so i decided to type the name ‘wonder girls’ and click enter. I started to watch all their performance videos of Tell Me and So Hot (it was in March) and i admit it, i was for sure hooked. So i owe this page all to them~

i love the WG-completely. there is no group that could ever top them to me. Each girl is totally amazing and lovable. When theyre together, i can never not smile when i see them!!! They just seem like totally normal people with super great talents. Sure, theyve got antis, but i dont know how. theyre so talented, funny, pretty, and the thing the care most is their fans and they show that with every performance and everything else. I adore them everytime i see them on screen. The make me so happy (: & i listen,sing, and dance to their music nonstop. i love all their songs!! Jyp certainly did a great job with these girls. omg, there’s so much to say, but i dont know how to say it. The Wonder Girls are just wonderful, and i love them with all my heart~

Profile: No particular order

Sun ye~


Full Name: Min Sun Ye

Birthday: August 12, 1989

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Training: 5 years 6 months

Height: 162cm

Weight: 45kg

Color: Blue

Blood: A

This girl is amazing! The first time i ever saw her i thought, nothing, she was bland to me. Then i downloaded some of the girls’ song and fell in love her voice. To be honest, i like her voice better than Yeeun, because,i don’t know (: When So Hot came out, she totally caught my attention. She has such charisma and each and every time she’d hit that stage, she blew me away. Did i mention she’s a good great dancer! I liked her more every time i saw her. Her hair, her laugh, and her caring for other members! Sunye is just so wonderful. She trained long and hard to become a singer, & now she is apart of the biggest idol groups! How cool is that? She never gave gives up. Sun ye is my idol to admit it.  & my favorite and will always be. Min Sun Ye is a fighter, leader, performer, idol, and the original Wonder Girl. Saranghae Leader Min<3 Fighting!

Ye Eun~


Full Name: Park Ye Eun

Birthday: May 26, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist

Training: 3 months

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

Color: Green

Blood: AB

Ah..the girl with the crazy good vocals (: The first time i saw her, i thought she was the least prettiest (sorry yeeun), but had an alright voice. Then as soon as i downloaded their music, her voice became amazing to me, especially because of their song I Wanna, which was the bomb! Then i saw her in So Hot, and she became so hot to me. red hair made her from a bland girl to a glamor girl, haha. Though her styling was -eh- and she had the least parts, she stuck out a lot. Every performance she had a gigantic smile that could go from Seoul to the sun~ And when the girls would appear on a radio show, she’d always be the one dancing to the moves. (: Yeeun is probably one of the most caring people ever. She always worries about us, her fans, and checking if we are eating properly and taking care ourselves. Thus making her the ‘father’, haha. Park Ye Eun is true, caring, and hilarious. I always know she’ll put on a smile on my face 😀 Park Oppa FTW!

So Hee~


Full Name: Ahn So Hee

Birthday: June 27, 1992

Position: Vocalist

Training: 2 years

Height: 166cm

Weight: 43kg

Color: Pink

Blood: AB

Sohee is so awesome! When i first saw Tell Me, she was the one who stuck out the most. Her cute outfit and hair with her soft voice. & talk about her ‘Omunah’ ! She was really pretty and i saw some talent, though her voice wasn’t as good as the others. In So Hot, i officially was a Sohee fan. She just glowed~ Her live vocalization was, eh, but that didn’t stop me from liking her. As i watched more videos of her, i liked her more. She was so silent, but every time she’d say a joke, everyone was laughing! On the MTV show they were on, she got me cracking up all the time. I was like, “How could anyone hate her?” because of all the antis she had. Also, isn’t her dancing amazing!? She’s so quiet, but she can dance like that! It’s like when she steps out on stage, she’s a different girl! Both are great i have to admit (: Sohee is truly wonderful while modeling, acting, dancing, and yes! singing! Mandoo Fighting~

Sun mi~


Full Name:  Sun Mi

Birthday: May 2, 1992

Position: Vocalist

Training: 1 year 6 months

Height: 167cm

Weight: 43kg

Color: Purple

Blood: AB

Sun mi jjang! In the beginning, she was my favorite~To me, she was the prettiest had and she had a great voice. Her parts in songs were always my favorites.  And to this day i think the same exact thing. She has the right to say “I’m so pretty”. haha. Other than her gorgeous-ness, Sun mi is totally the weirdest! She’d always say the most random things and make the funniest faces during interveiws. During singing songs, she would laugh even if nothing happened. No wonder why her name is Sun Mi, she just brightens my day (: Speaking of the sun, Sun Mi is really concerned with Earth/Global Warming/Saving Energy which is super cool because a lot of people her/my age really don’t care. This stick thin chick is not to be reckoned with y’all. Because despite everything, she beat Sunye on a list of best female singers in the Kpop industry! Yeah our Sun Mi gots skillz. haha. So whether it’s singing, joking, loving her Mandoo, laughing, or saving Earth, Sun Mi stays herself and not afraid to show her wonderful 4D-ness. Yes people, Sun Mi is JJANG!

Yoo bin~


Full Name: Kim Yoobin

Birthday: October 4, 1988

Position: Main Rapper

Training: 2 years

Height: 163cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood: O

Go Yoobinie~ In Tell Me, I thought she was super pretty and was kinda mad how she barely got 20 seconds in the song. She also stuck out a lot and seemed to me she kinda looked like she didn’t belong in the group. I later figured out she was a new member, and got rid of my fav-Hyunah. So i actually didn’t like Yoobin. But when So Hot came out, i was saying sorry in my head to her. Because her rap was flippin’ amazing. On stage, she was so feirce for being the smallest one. And for also being the rapper, i couldn’t beleive how cute she was! Her voice would get all high and she’d wink a lot, haha. It made me really like both sides of her. Especially the cool, rapper side. To every song, she’d add that special flare whether the rap was super realin’ or fast with rhythm. To be completely honest, sorry Hyunah, Yoobin is the perfect fit for the Wonder Girls. She is the flare to them, and makes me love the girls that much more. Her raps at the end are the parts are really look foward too. Yoobin, NEVER change! There is nobody but you<3


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    welcome to the wonderland then…

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