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i officially wont use this site anymore.

i’m on my new blog now.

it was nice being here (:



SHINee: Practice for Nanas’B Dance

short, but great~

haha, isnt the choreography just adorable~ hehehe, Taemin’s so darlin (:

SHINee:Taemin Acting Cut THJ ep102 w/Subs

ms bread’s back…

can you say “DRAMA” (:

2pm: Jaebeom#26- Star You Want to Go on Vacation With

no subs ):

love Jayyyy (& ft island, kkkk). i wish i knew what theyre saying, but it’s probably like “wtf? why is he only 26? should be more like 1 or 2!!!!” hehe~

SHINee: Taemin Acting Cut THJ ep101 w/Subs

omg, its long~yay!!!! but this was a big deal! she likes him!!! omo, & no one knows if he likes her back!!! im soo excited for the upcoming parts (: haha, miss bread! youre not so much of a big deal now are ya? ❤

Brown Eyed Girls: “Abracadabra” aliks089 remix

soooo good! i’m likin the video game sounds in it~

SNSD: “Tell Me Your Wish” Cover by AsianCovers


its not an English Cover but still good ❤

Wonder Girls, Saranghae



Min SunYe- Ahn SoHee- Kim Jonghyun- Choi Sooyoung- Jang Wooyoung- Lee Seunghyun- Park Jaebum- Kim Bum- Yoon Eunhye-


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