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i officially wont use this site anymore.

i’m on my new blog now.

it was nice being here (:




to another site.

same blog title.

url is different~

instead of ‘sikimchi’ it is now ‘sikimchiNkpop’

basically the same thing but, categories, pages, etc well be a tad bit diff.

i’ll still be posting here as well, until the new site is able to run on it’s own.

See you there!

Happy Birthday Taemin <3

whooooo~ its the big 16!!!! gosh, there’s not much to say about this boy but; he’s a SUPER great dancer (one of the best~), he has a sweet n soft singing voice that makes noonas go crazy, he’s prettier than any girl ever, he’s wayyyy better lookin’ than most guys (; , he’s funnnay!, & HELLLLLOOO, have you ever seen him on THJ! He’s to DIE for ❤ Taemin is great, end of story (:

SHINee 1

Cinderella Man w/Subs on DramaFever

if someone wants to watch the drama “Cinderella Man” with subs, its on DramaFever. if you have an account, great. if you dont, sign up! its free, and does not take long to become a member. well, for me. but anyways, i’m going to start watching it, starting from-tommorow. the only reason why i’m watching it is because of Yoona from SNSD. (: but you all should really go on and take a look there, they’ve got my favorite dramas up too (Goong/Princess Hours, Boys Before Flowers, and the absolute best-Coffee Prince). ❤

Happy Birthday Heechul!!!

ummmm….i wasnt much of a SUJU fan til this year, and what i know of them, Heechul pretty much seems the hilarious, crazy type. haha. even though he ‘supposedly’ kisses guys and doesnt appear onstage until his parts, i don’t care. His part in ‘It’s You’ has got to be my favorite!!! him and i are also big fans of Sohee of the Wonder Girls! hehe.Good singer, good guy, happy 26th (i think), haha (: wishing him and SUJU the best!


Happy Birthday to… ME~ & Wooyoung on MCountdown 7/2

i’m so happy! one year older~ and this lil video i found was perfect to celebrate my birthday! man, if i got him for my birthday, i’d be estatic ❤ and in case youre wondering, its 2pm’s hottest: Wooyoung~ (only if i was the girl in the video…

so cuuuute~ his expressions are adorable (:

I’m Back

yes!!! this break seemed much longer than i thought. so…now i am back and very sad. i feel so empty now that i havent done posts in about 4 days. its horrible. ive missed so much! i dont know where to start my posts ): this is getting really hard. i had tons of fun, but it was always on my mind that ‘omg, so much is gonna happen while im gone!’. i honestly hated that, and wished sometimes, that i didnt even get a break *sigh*. im really debating to whether to keep this site. its harder than i thought. i’ll think it over, idk. i LOVE doing this, but i hate it when i have to miss stuff. i dont have my computer, and now im typing on my brothers lame laptop!

Wonder Girls, Saranghae



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