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2pm: Wild Bunny ep1 part1 w/Subs

they are fasssst!

i only post the first of all the videos. go to time2sub2 ‘s channel for the rest. (they are all not there at this very moment!) and i won’t spoil it for you, so go ahead and watch it (:


Brown Eyed Girls: “Abracadabra” MV


i was thinking that at first that BEG wouldn’t put much of a fight in the Girl Group Battle, but now! i think they actually good shot for the win! the dancing looks great and i’m totalllly in love with the song! (escept not so much with the engrish: “Do love meee?”) haha. the MV was…and will probably get banned knowing Korea (: can’t wait for the comeback performance!

SHINee: Key & Minho Try to Improve Their MC Skills w/Subs


i like Minho’s deeeeeep voice~ it’s like so smooooth. haha. isn’t his smile/laugh sooooo cute! gosh, he keeps on making me use too much of one letter! but anyways- i love Key ❤ “My voice is normally high pitched” lol moment! & 1:26 is my favorite part! man, i wished they showed more Jong! but he was probably so perfect doing his intro, it wasn’t funny (:

2pm: Ceci Magazine Photoshoot


omg, the 2pm boys look good! (not a surprise though). usually i would be going gaga for Khun and Jay in photoshoots, but surprisingly-it was Chansung. i thought he totallyyy looked great, and for some reason i love the picute of him with the apple. & as usual, i loved Woo’s pics~ this may sound weird to some of you but, man, he’s got great collarbones. (: i very much liked the JunBros pics ❤ and Taek’s concept was adorable~ *i’ll probably will repost when it comes out with subs*

SHINee: Taemin Acting Cut on THJ ep100 w/Subs 7/21

hilarious (:

i love the ending!!! “that wasn’t a lie” “WHAT”. haha, but that Bobae girl deserves not getting tutored by Taemin (:

SHINee: Taemin’s Pinky & Habits 7/?

random, but cute~

haha, Taeminnie’s pinky~ i know lots of people-guys and girls- who do that, i don’t see the problem (: & the habit is super cute! Fighting ❤

2pm vs SHINee: Magazine1 w/Subs 7/3

this was on my birthday ❤

if anyone asked me who i liked better-i will not reply. i won’t ever say who i like more. but you all can decide for yourselves. The cuties: SHINee or The handsome beasts: 2pm. both have awesome qualities and members. Jonghyun & Wooyoung ❤ haha. BUT there is one thing for certain: Khun is the KING of winking.with his wink, he can make any girl weak-kneed, pass out, heart fluttered, cry with joy, die, and yes, even pregnant. kidding on the last one peeps (: Who do y’all think is better?

Wonder Girls, Saranghae



Min SunYe- Ahn SoHee- Kim Jonghyun- Choi Sooyoung- Jang Wooyoung- Lee Seunghyun- Park Jaebum- Kim Bum- Yoon Eunhye-


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