SNSD: “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” MV


HOT!! i like the grey outfits better, just saying. Sooyoung didn’t get any lines ): but she got a lot of close ups, which made me happy~ i was super surprised that it was the Maknae who came out of the cake! it’s probably because she just turning 18 (; omg, you know who looked really great- Sunny~ Her part is hot too! Her voice got deep! i think Sica looked the best though (: Taeyeon rocked that part where she really showed her voice!!! Fany was soo dang pretty. Hyo’s dance was amazing ❤ & duhhhh, Yoona was the bomb. Yuri got a lot of face time too, so good for her (: so great MV, great song, but the dance isn’t as catchy as “Gee”, but i’ll still learn it because its MOTHER TRUCKER Seo Nyuh Shi Dae ❤


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