2pm: Wide Entertainment New w/ Subs 6/22


omg~ i could die of laughter! The boys basically talk about their favorite ‘muscular’ parts of their body. My boy, Wooyoung had to be totally random and picked ‘Frontal Muscles’ and then showed a face where he either just sucked a lemon or really had to use the bathroom. haha, just kiddin’. i wuv him. Then there’s Jay, the guy with the best bod in 2pm and almost the best in all of Korea (; He showed his triceps and *faints*. okay, i’m back. JUNHO~ butt muscles!!!! omg! BUT (haha, i’m so punny) i have to admit, it’s lookin good! Then weirdo Taek shows his jaw muscles! Whose muscles are the best? You decide.


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Wonder Girls, Saranghae



Min SunYe- Ahn SoHee- Kim Jonghyun- Choi Sooyoung- Jang Wooyoung- Lee Seunghyun- Park Jaebum- Kim Bum- Yoon Eunhye-


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