YouTube has gone Insane

they have suspended about half of my subscriptions on YT.  and i am really sick of it. y’know that cool guy ‘coolsmurf’? well his new one is suspended now, & he’s starting to think to just end it. and i will die if that happens. & i am barely getting to watch anything. everything had been literally ‘suspended’ gosh, i hate that word. sorry about me ranting, but it’s true. YT, all we people want to do is just watch videos, no one is trying to steal jank. ugh. ): lameee. at least some poeple are saved. i am not gonna name who (even though i’d like to help them peeps) because i am afraid-yes-afraid of creepy YT people searching places & websites for names who they can, duh, suspend. well, i’m thinking i should start some crazy protest on YT against them (ironic, eh?) because us English speakers can’t understand friggin’ Korean so we look up on YT to find subbed goods. well good gob effin youtube, i can’t do that now.

end my explosion. (:


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