SNSD takes care of babies in “Hello Baby”

i’m gona love this show~

omg, this is so cute~ all their expressions when they heard the word ‘baby’ dun dun dunnnnn. haha. oh, before i start rambling about the show, wtf? with the new hairstyles? Jessica, the ‘Yesung’ color hair is not workin’ hun. maybe the have the same stylist as SHINee. haha.

Okay, on with the show… So i guess they have to take care of babies. i wonder how that’ll work out. haha Seobaby will probably become more like friends with it instead of its babysitter (: i think Sooyoung will be good at making the baby laugh. & Jessica won’t even care. haha, kidding guys. its on at 10pm if y’all are wonderin. watch it~


1 Response to “SNSD takes care of babies in “Hello Baby””

  1. 1 SuperGeneration June 10, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    yeah.. seobaby found her new friend..
    so cute ^^

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