Taegoon is a “Rising Star”

And the album is hotttt. It’s a mini one, but that’s fine.


01 Intro (Feat. 혁성 Of Space Cowboy, 김여희)
02 Superstar 슈퍼스타 (Feat. 낯선 Nassun)
03 Bye Bye
04 네까짓 게
05 Call Me (Remix)

My favorites are Bye Bye and As Significant As You(#4). The whole album has a cool, dance feel to it, and i’m liking it. The Intro is so cool, and it’d be awesome seeing him dance to it. Superstar is alright but super catchyyy. Bye Bye reminds me of Call Me, which is probably why i like it so much. As Significant As You is slow and relaxing, so it’s currently on repeat. (: I like the original Call Me is better in my opinion, but this one’s nice too. GET IT ❤


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