Big Bang Day~

Some of you might have heard but, it’s the 1000th day of Big Bang~ So congrats to them (: They’re one of my favorites too (& everyone else’s). Seungri ❤ haha. oh! here’s an extra i got from

Most of them don’t even make sense to me, but who cares? if i get to see some Big Bang, i’m happy. Though, i love VI, and TOP was lookin good, my favorite was Taeyang’s. Man, he’s so cool~ ME: Hey, what would you do if a girl grabs her heels and smashes yo fancy car window? YB: put on my shades, drink some 2%, and drive away. Yeah, that’s how he do. My least favorite was probably-sorry-Daesung’s. It was…weird. But whatever. BB eyecandy is always good (:


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