Annyong haseyo (;

Welcome to my page~

This site is get just the ‘run down’ of people in the kpop industry, like birthdays, what have the recently been in, etc. Right now, the site currently going over major construction, so no blaming me that i have nothing up!

If you want to comment: absolutely, positively no bashing! Please and thank you. (: I do not appreciate antis of any kind ( anti-wonder girls, or anti-snsd, becuase i love both) and epecially Sohee haters and Tiffany haters!



1 Response to “Annyong haseyo (;”

  1. 1 serene January 19, 2010 at 4:24 am

    sooo cute i love snsd…tiffany ur smile is always nice kkk

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Wonder Girls, Saranghae



Min SunYe- Ahn SoHee- Kim Jonghyun- Choi Sooyoung- Jang Wooyoung- Lee Seunghyun- Park Jaebum- Kim Bum- Yoon Eunhye-


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